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Introduction: Lego Revolver

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Here is a replica of a revolver, made out of Legos. There are many working features in this model, such as the hammer, trigger, and barrel. But the real reason I made this gun will come later.

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Step 1: Overall

Her Siam overall view of the revolver.

Step 2: Sights

Here are the gun's sights.

Step 3: Hammer

Here is the hammer. I was not able to make the hammer correspond with the trigger though.

Step 4: Loader

Now here is the barrel, the main reason I made this gun. As you can see, the loader can swivel out like a real revolver, so you can put "bullets" into it. And even though it has this feature, the loader can still roll around.

Step 5: If You Want to Make This

Here is a sort of layout of the revolver. The 2nd picture shows how I attached a 2 studded handle to a 3 studded body. Picture 3 shows how I attached the side panel to the handle, and the 4th pic it the side panel itself. Pic 5 is the hammer, and how it was attached, and pics 6,7, and 8 are how the loader was constructed.

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5 Discussions


7 months ago on Step 5

hmm, not much to work with but it will do, thumbs up!


3 years ago

I'm close but can you make the tutorial for design of barrel


5 years ago

Please make it so its easier to build