Lego Robot

Introduction: Lego Robot

I have a mind to make a robot like instructables robot. So, I decided to make it. I use some of my LEGO to make.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

1. 2 (2 by 6) Lego (Yellow)

2. 2 (2 by 6) Lego (White)

3. 24 (2 by 4) Lego (yellow)

4. 12 (2 by 4) Lego (White)

5. 16 (2 by 4) Lego (Blue)

6. 2 (2 by 8) Lego (Blue)

7. 6 (2 by 3) Lego (Yellow)

8. 2 (2 by 2) Lego (Red)

9. 12 (2 by 2) Lego (Yellow)

10. 7 (2 by 2) Lego (White)

11. 2 Sketches (Red and Black)

12. 1 Wire

13. Glue

14. Tape

15. Scissor

Step 2: Start Building

I start building his leg and then lower body. Then his medium body. I us his upper body with blue Lego and hand with white because I don't have enough yellow lego i also use his neck with whit and head with white. I use a glue to dix his ears. I use some wire to make his ears wire. then I use sketches to make his his eyes and black designs.

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