Lego Robot

Introduction: Lego Robot

This is a set of instruction to make a this robot out of Legos.

Step 1:

First take three 2x6 Lego pieces and connect one to the top of the other two to form the feet of the robot.

Step 2:

Add two 2x6 rows to the top of the feet. Each row will be made of one 2x2 piece and one 2x4 piece.  The first row has the 2x2 piece on the left and the second row has the 2x2 piece on the right.

Step 3:

Place two 2x2 pieces on opposite ends of the next row leaving a 2x2 gap. Then place a 2x4 piece in the gap so that it sticks out towards the feet.

Step 4:

Make three more rows of 2x6, each with a 2x2 piece and a 2x4 piece.  Alternate which side the 2x2 piece is on after each row. 

Step 5:

Place one 1x6 piece on the 2x4 that is sticking out of the body.  Make sure to place it perpendicular to the feet and as close to the body as possible.  Then place two 2x4 pieces under opposite ends of the 1x6 so that they stick out towards the feet.

Step 6:

Place two 1x4 pieces on the protruding 2x4 pieces so that they are parallel to the feet, as far apart from each other as they can be, and one unit away from the 1x6 piece.

Step 7:

Add one more row of 2X6 to the top using one 2x2 and one 2x4 piece.  Keep alternating the location of the 2x2.

Step 8:

Place one 2x2 in the middle of the 2x6 row. Then place two 2x4 pieces on opposite sides of the 2x2 so that the stick out towards the sides of the robot.

Step 9:

Place one 2x8 so that it is centered on the 2x6 body.  Then one 1x8 piece under each of the  2x4 pieces that are sticking out sideways.  Place these 1x8 pieces so that the are parallel to the feet and as close to the body as possible.

Step 10:

Finally place four 2x2 pieces on the center of the 2x8 piece to make a large square head for the robot.

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