Lego Rocket Launcher




A.S.E. #2

I'm introducing my rocket launcher

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Step 1: This Is All You Need

ready for reload, aiming, and shooting...???

Step 2: The Rocket Ammo

first you have to build the ammo rocket

Step 3: The Ammo Is Done

now this is the ammo rocket

Step 4: Now Build the Launcher Too

that's the part of the launcher

Step 5: This Is Almost

Step 6: This Is the Handle

the handle is very important

Step 7: This Is Half

keep build it

Step 8: This Is Last

this is the back of the rocket launcher, ready to war???

Step 9: The Launcher Is Done

remember, the parts to build the rocket launcher just
1x silver block 2x2
1x silver flat top 2x2
1x gray 2x2
2x silver bar 1x1
2x silver 1x0
1x green transparent bottle
1x silver corner 1x0o
2x silver special brick
1x bike standard
4x blue circle transparent 1x0
2x silver circle 1x0
2x gray circle 1x0

Step 10: Reload

now put the ammo to the centre of launcher

Step 11: Done

finnish, the rocket launcher is done
you're doing good
thanks for watching

move, move, move,...!!!

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    4 Discussions

    Kevin hardy

    5 years ago

    I'm waiting your up...!!!

    Kevin hardy

    5 years ago

    hey... i'm arrived again, what do you expected from me??? what do you want me build something???

    Dr MonkeyMan

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks ecxactly like the Commando rocket pod from Strike Force Heroes