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Introduction: Lego SIG Sauer P226

Sup guys? I'm Aj. My goal on instructables is to show you guys awesome things that you guys will...

Here is the sig sauer pistol, featured in call of duty ghosts! I saw this pistol and was immediately attracted to it. So I decided to make it.

Step 1: Reload

The gun can reload. In game, the gun holds 12 rounds.

Step 2: Sights

This gun also has very accurate sights.

Step 3: Slide

The gun also has a slide, but no slide lock.

Step 4: First Person View

Here is an awesome first person view of the pistol.

Step 5: An Idea on How to Make It

Here is an idea of how to make the gun. I think I've shown you enough of it. You guys are smart, and I'm pretty sure you can make it. In the first picture, there is an overall view of the parts you will need to make. He second picture is the slide. Keep note of the rubber band, you will need to connect it to something later. In the second picture, there is the middle part of the gun. Behind the barrel, there is something to attach the rubber band to. Attach it. Then look at the fourth picture. Keep close attention to the center. This how I attach the handle. I use this technique in most of my guns. The. Fifth picture. This is the handle. In the sixth picture, it shows how the handle side was attached.



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    Can you please make the tutorial first? Its really hard to build this thing because I dont know what pieces I need.

    2 replies

    I need to put out a new gun before I make a tutorial on this gun

    could you show how you made it


    Looks nice