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Introduction: Lego Satellite

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In succession to the Apollo 11 rocket, we will now build a satellite. This one is a little bit more tricky, but if you have all the pieces together, it should go just fine!

Step 1: The Solar Panels!!

For the solar panels, you will need a blue 4x10 and a black 2x10. Clasp the 2x10 behind the 4x10. You will need two solar panels.

Step 2: The Solar Panel Connectors.

In pic #1 of this step, you will need a grey 1x4. This is not an ordinary 1x4, however. This has 4 dots on its side. connect this to the blue lego peg. Remember! You will need 2 of what I have just listed.

Step 3: The Satellite Hall.

In pic #1 of this step, you can see three brown, circular pieces. The one in the middle must have holes at its sides, otherwise, the panels will not connect. Stick the blue lego pegs into the side of the middle of the satellite. Then, attach the panels to the pegs.

Step 4: The Tricky Part.

So first, you have a flat version of what makes up the satellite hall. then, you have a small satellite dish and a little 1 piece. Clasp the 1 piece behind the small satellite dish. do this 4x. then, clasp the dishes in front of the flat version of the satellite hall.

Step 5: The Head.

Ok, you'll need a cone-like piece (CLP). then a slightly larger satellite dish (compared to what we've been using before). Get one of those little 1 pieces, attach it to the backside of the larger satellite dish, then attach this to the front side of the CLP (The little 1 piece [L1P] is supposed to go directly in the middle of the CLP... it may take some fiddling with, but you can do it!).

Step 6: Important Pieces.

Make sure you have these two pieces.

Step 7: Review

Ok, this is what you should have. If not, now is the time to correct any mistakes.

Step 8: Connecting the Pieces!!!

1: Put the CLP on the satellite hall.

2: Put the crossbar up the hole in the satellite hall.

3: Put the rockets in (the thing with the small satellite dishes).

4: Put the socket at the end of the crossbar (as shown in pic #4).

5: Attach the solar panels on.


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