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This is based off Jack Streat's Tec-9 but since he doesn't have any instructions, I thought I'd make some. I did make some very minor adjustments and since this was based off pictures, this will not be 100% like his. Just a warning, but this gun will take alot of lego bricks with holes in them. Also, if you don't have a 40-toothed gear you probably shouldn't do this.

Also this gun IS semi-automatic (one pull=one shot)

Step 1: Download.......

Well, i didn't really feel like wasting my next two days Taking the 200+ pictures and uploading them so I built it on Lego Digital Designer (LDD). I actually think it might be a little better on this since it shows the instructions in a 3D format and lists the pieces needed. If you aren't going to build this gun just because you don't want to download LDD then you probably didn't want to build it in the first place since making this gun is going to take awhile.

Lego Digital Designer:

Tec-9 File:
(Please tell me if the link doesn't work)

Step 2: Building - the Long Process

  1. Well once you've downloaded the necessary files and installed LDD, start up LDD.
  2. It will take a while to load up the first time so dont worry.
  3. Once it's up, there should be a pop up thing.
  4. Press the folder that says open another file and select the Tec-9 file.
  5. Once you actually see the file click view->building guide mode
  6. If you follow the directions correctly, you should end up with 7 SEPARATE parts
  7. BTW: the gears are a funky rainbow color to help you identify them

Step 3: Putting the Pieces Together

You should make an Instructables account if you don't already have one because you need to be a member to view the rest of the photos. Don't worry though so far you can still make a FREE account. Other than that just follow the pictures.

Step 4: The Last Piece

Ok this is just the overflow from Step 3. It was starting to get laggy.

Also, if you guys have any problems with the pictures I'll take a new one or something just message me

Step 5: Load It Up!

So far the gun should be pretty complete but for it to actually shoot, it needs ammo and rubberbands. You need to load 15 bricks and rubberbands. By the way, if you cant load 15 rubber bands (it breaks loose and all the rubberbands shoot at once) you need to add another rubberband to the trigger(the white rubberbands)

*just a tip but load rubberbands BEFORE pieces.

Step 6: You're Finished!!!

Well you're done but that doesn't means its OK to shoot your little sister, brother, cat, dog , or even goldfish. This is dangerous if shot in the face so don't shoot this at your *insert alive creature name here*

Step 7: Tec-9 in Action



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    hey would you be kind enough to upload the file again link seems to be deleted?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Could you re-upload it please? (mediafire link isn't working).. Thank you


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The mediafire link is'nt working. Could you please re-upload it to youtube or mocpages