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Introduction: Lego Slide

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Step 1:

First you will need 2 tall single pieces

Step 2:

2 double wide tall pieces

Step 3:

2 6 wide 10 long pieces

Step 4:

11 2 pieces

Step 5:

8 4 pieces

Step 6:

5 2 wide 4 long flat pieces

Step 7:

2 single wide 4 long pieces

Step 8:

4 single wide 8 long pieces

Step 9:

3 single wide 6 long

Step 10:

3 2 flats

Step 11:

2 single wide 4 long flats

Step 12:

5 single wide 6 long flats

Step 13:

2 single wide 12 long pieces

Step 14:

3 double wide 4 long flats

Step 15:

1 2 wide 3 long flat

Step 16:

2 single wide 3 long flats

Step 17:

2 double wide 6 long flats

Step 18:

1 4 wide 6 long flat

Step 19:

1 single wide 8 long flat

Step 20:

Mini figure or figures of yo choice

Step 21:

Take yo 6 wide 10 long flats & put them together

Step 22:

Then take the 2 wide pieces to make the base stay together

Step 23:

Turn the plate over and use the not flat single wides

Step 24:

Then put a layer on that

Step 25:

Then take yo smooth top pieces and put them on

Step 26:

Then take yo non smooth top pieces on top of the sidespp

Step 27:

Take yo tall pieces on and put them at 1 end

Step 28:

Put yo mini fig in a sitting position

Step 29:

Last put yo mini fig at the top of the slide and give him a push with the tip of yo finger

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