Lego Slushee Machine

Introduction: Lego Slushee Machine

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This is a custom slushee machine that I made. I got the idea from the new Lego Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart set. In the liquor store, if you have not seen the show, there is a ‘Slurpee' machine.

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Step 1: The Pieces

The pieces you will need are:

• 2 1x4 bricks with 4 studs on the side

• 1 2x4 brick

• 1 1x4 plate

• 1 1x4 tile

• 1 1x4 corner brick (I have no idea what they're called)

• 2 1x2 lined/slated bricks

• 2 faucet type bricks

• 6 multi-colored studs. I prefer them to be different colors so it looks a little better.

Step 2: The Process

First, you get your 1x4 studded brick and put it on the 2x4. Next, you get the corner piece and press it onto the sideways studs. After, you put on the lined/slated bricks. Then, you put on the other 1x4 studded brick along with the 1x4 plate. Next, you add on the colored studs. I used red, orange, yellow, and green to make a rainbow-y look. I also added the 1x4 tile on the top to give it a cleaner effect. Finally, I pressed on the faucet-looking bricks and a stud on each side indicating the flavor of the drink.

Step 3: Viola!

And you are done! This build is really easy and the parts aren't that hard to find. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and make it yourself so your mini-finigures can have some slushees!

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