Lego Splinter Cell Tri-rotor

Introduction: Lego Splinter Cell Tri-rotor

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This is the tri-rotor gadget in the game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist (and possibly other splinter cell games).

There are no cut Legos or special modifications here. Just find the part and click it on

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Step 1: Parts You Fools Will Need

Don't worry your not a fool. But these are the parts you will need to get the exact result.

Why are you reading this text? Pay attention!

Step 2: Step by Step, by Step..... by Step

Follow the above pictures to properly build the tri-rotor and get the exact result.

Step 3: Welcome to Done-world

This is your finished splinter cell tri-rotor. Have fun, fly around, and take out some blacklist.

Feel free to favorite if you liked it and follow if you want more. Also you can leave a suggestion in the comments for what you want me to attempt to build next. And if I successfully build it, then I will include your name in the title of that instructable. That's all for now guys. BUILD ON!

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I'll leave the cool transforming Legos to you.


    5 years ago

    Just looked at some pictures, and uh... I think I'll have to pass



    Next, try to make anything from the transformers cybertron toy line. Good luck!