Lego Star Wars: Lego BB-8 (1k View Special!)




My first Instructable has officially reached 1,000 views! What a milestone in this journey! So, in celebration of this achievement, I have decided to make an Instructable on the new fan-favorite Star Wars droid, BB-8. Said to be "the cutest droid in the galaxy", BB-8 has taken the world by storm. It's only fitting that I make a how-to on a Lego version along with the release of the new movie. Thanks for building, and have fun!

Step 1: BB-8

Here are the pieces you will need to make a Lego BB-8

Step 2: The Body (Inside)

Take a white sextant and five studs, preferably white, and place them on all sides of the sextant except for the top.

Step 3: The Head

To make BB-8's head, place three orange studs and one black stud ontop of a white 2x2 circular plate. Then, stick a grey stick through the hole in the 2x2 plate. To finish it off, take a white satellite dish and cover the head.

Step 4: Connecting

You can then connect the head to the body.

Step 5: The Body (Exterior)

For a nice finish, place satellite dishes on the studs except for the bottom one. For the bottom stud, take an upside down satellite dish and place the stud in the center.

Step 6: The Final Step

This step is optional, but it helps a lot. Thanks for building and I hope you enjoyed!



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    Shade HeartThat_Jamie_S_Guy

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks a bunch, and I f there's anything you want to see built, don't be afraid to ask!

    That_Jamie_S_GuyShade Heart

    Reply 3 years ago

    I don't do Lego (as my nam suggests) however I really like it! (if that makes any sense whatsoever xD) Maybe make a mini AT-AT or AT-ST :)