Lego Starburst (12-point)




See what I did with the colors there? Eh, eh?

It's time to start digging through that tub of Lego bricks! Scrounge up as many 1x2s as you can find and let's build this beast! 

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Step 1: Gather 'em Up!

You're gonna need:
-216 1x2 bricks

That means:
-108 of each color for 2 colors
-72 of each color for 3 colors
-54 of each color for 4 colors

Step 2:

To build the sunburst all you have to do is create a long zig-zag strip and then connect it into a ring. Build it 3 bricks tall for the best support with the fewest number of bricks. 

Start off by making the L shape as shown in the first picture with just two rows of bricks. Make a zig-zag as show in the second and third pictures, making sure each side is 7 studs (the dots on top) long. 

Step 3:

Once the pattern has been well established and you get a bit of length, top if off with the third layer (white bricks in the picture). 

Keep adding onto the zig-zag chain until you have 12 points. 

Step 4:

Now coax the two ends together and attach 'em! An extra set of hands can help here but if you don't happen to have any just hold the two ends close together with one hand while you connect the bricks with the other. 

Now enjoy admiring your Lego Starburst and show it off to all your friends. 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    You know, I'll bet some of the more complex shapes you've made (like this one) would look great mounted on the wall!

    1 reply

    Awwww....a whole wall full of these things! That is a great idea! I tore apart all the shapes I made to build other stuff but I have a few more complex shapes that I'll be sharing soon and I'll try hanging them.