Original Minecraft Lego Steve




This is how to create Steve from Minecraft in LEGOS!!! This Is super easy, and it stands about a foot tall at its highest. Hope you enjoy, and remember to vote for me in the Minecraft contest!!!

Step 1: Legs

First step is the legs. Basically after you put the gray pieces on, you just layer the blue pieces until you think your legs are tall enough. My legs are 7 layers tall, including the extra top layer. Once you have made your legs, move onto the next step.

Step 2: Body

Second step is the body, but this time you're going to start with the bottom extra layer, then add layers until you think that your body is big enough. Then build two of the extra pieces I showed, and put them on the side of the body. They will be useful later.

Step 3: Arms and Head

Now you need to make the arms and head. Make two arms and the dimensions of the head should be 6x6.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

This is the final step to creating Lego Steve. Put the arms into their sockets, and they can move! Nothing else can move, though. Thanks for building, and vote for me in the Minecraft contest!!!



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    Thanks! I couldn't make it look exactly like the character in the game because I didn't have enough pieces of the correct color, but if you want, just substitute the red pieces for blue ones.