Lego Stud Pendant

Introduction: Lego Stud Pendant

These pendants are extremely easy to make and fun to design yourself, you could even make a different design each time you wear it!  Check out the last step for more pattern ideas. 

Step 1:

What you'll need:
-4x4 lego plate
-1x2 plate with the handle bar thing like in the picture (gray piece)
-some studs
-a small metal ring
-some string or cord

Step 2:

Connect the 1x2 with the bar to the bottom of the 4x4 plate. Attach the metal ring to the handle part. 

Step 3:

String the pendant and then you're ready to decorate. The pictures show some of the ideas that I came up with but let your creative juices flow and I'm sure you'll end up with some great designs. Don't forget that you can also add multiple layers as I did with the transparent blue studs. 

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