Lego Stuff




About: working my way to be like my dad as a firefighter/paramedic for the city of Memphis. also, I'm a eagle scout.

Intro: Lego Stuff

some picture might be sideways because of my camera. I put the level of the projects on the steps.

Step 1: Simple Lego Lightsaber

level: 1 this little guy is pretty simple all you need is: 1 blue bar, 1 1x1 cone, 1 lego technic cross axle (short), 1 lego technic piece (I dont know what its called so look in picture), put them all to gather and done!

Step 2: Lego Pocket Knife

level: 2 pretty much but its easy (if you have the pieces) *laughs*

Step 3: Lego Fish Tank

level: 2 medium (easy if you have the right pieces) *giggles*



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