Lego Sugru Mobile Phone Holder Hack

Introduction: Lego Sugru Mobile Phone Holder Hack

This hack is a result of viewing many of the cool ideas on instructable and sugru website.

I have a need to hold my smart phone onto my dash as a GPS device or occasionally answering incoming mobile call.

I have a little stand from a previous car kit ages ago. Back then you will need to use screws to secure the stand onto your dash or centre column of your car. With the invention of Sugru, such approach is history because sugru is 100% removable should you want to take the stand off.  

These days the Smart Phone is not as heavy and I reckon that the 4x4 Lego studs should be sufficient to hold the phone in place. 

I need to find a suitable spot to place my holder stand with sufficient space to allow the base of the stand to grib onto the surface.

I try the concept using some sticky bluetag and I am happy with the placement to allow easy access to the mobile phone as well as the charger cable to reach the mobile phone.

I prepare the dash board surface with alcohol wipe and clean up any grease residue that may compromise the sugru bonding performance.

I prepare the lego pieces : 1pcs of 4x4 (grey colour) and 2pcs of 2x2 (black colour).

Initially my design is for just 1pcs of 2x2 to stick to the mobile phone case. However it turns out there is not enough power to keep the mobile phone firmly onto the stand. Hence I opt for 2pcs of 2x2 lego piece in the end to become a 2x4 lego piece.  Since the lego pieces between the mobile phone are:  4x4 bind with 2x4, I can easily turn the mobile phone 90deg and still be able to hold the phone firmly onto the stand.  This is the beauty of the simple lego basic block of accommodating the turning of 90deg.

Attached is the collage photo of my design showing how the mobile phone is used as a GPS: Straight or Sideway position with the auto rotation setting of the mobile phone on.  This is just so easy and simple.  All it costs is a pack of 5g Sugru and the 3 lego pieces and a long gone car kit's tilting and rotation stand.  

Lego also got some ball and socket join pieces and I may explore next time of how to use that kind of lego pieces to make a stand that is useful.  

I save some money for the mobile phone holder but the satisfaction is mine. I got something that I designed, purpose built to the intend of use in my car.

Thank you Instructable and Sugru.  You two are awesome sites full of creative and inspiring people.

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