Lego Super Mario and Goomba



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Have you ever wanted to see your childhood memory again? Well today I'll be showing you how to build two of most iconic characters in video games franchise, Mario and Goomba! Let's start!

Step 1: Parts Needed for Mario

Okay so these are the parts you'll need in order to build Mario!

P.S. actually this photo is missing two 1 by 2 black lego brick, so you might want to add them.

Step 2: Mario

Step 3: Goomba Part 1

There's way too many photos for Goomba so I split them into two parts.

Step 4: Goomba Part 2

Here's part 2!

Step 5: The End!

Alright thanks for reading this instructable and I hoped you enjoyed it!

Please follow me to see more awesome Lego instructables and please share your photos if you tried to build this instructable! I'd like to see them!

Also here's a video in case the photos are not clear enough for you.

If you're on mobile please click this link: Super Mario and Goomba Tutorial!

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