Lego Tactical Hanson 14.5




Introduction: Lego Tactical Hanson 14.5

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I was watching something about the USA's delta force, and I saw them using this gun. I thought it was cool, so I decided to make it. I can make a tutorial on the stock, that I can promise you. Next up is the desert eagle .44

Step 1: Reload

This includes the magazine, dust card, working charging handle and bolt catch.

Step 2: Stock and Sights

The stock extends, and the sights are no where near as blurry when I look down them

Step 3: Attachments

On this gun we have a forefront and a non-functional laser.

Step 4: Dimensions and Stuff

The gun is 96 studs long from the barrel to the stock( not extended )



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    4 years ago

    For now you will need to eyeball it


    4 years ago

    I can't make a tutorial of the whole thing, because I would rather make another lego gun. I don't want my creations to live long, if you know what I mean. I will make a tutorial of the stock, but at the end of the instructable there are dimensions

    It's cool and all but how do you build it, that's my question. Can you put step-by-step instructions instead of just showing it off? Plz. Because it's super cool!