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Introduction: Lego Tardis

About: I have been playing with real legos since I was 3 (back then Duplos were hard to get.) Every time I see something, I think, how would that look Lego? And every time I see something Lego, I think, How could I...

I saw a lego Tardis on the CUUSOO website (now called Lego Ideas). It inspired me so I designed this one. Despite having so many pieces, it is fairly proportionment to minifigures, so it is great for lego movies.

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Step 1: Tardis Pieces

I didn't break it down completely, but I put all the components into the smallest sections I could.

Step 2: Basic Form

This is the basic core. The base is 6 by 6 and flat. The core is 4 by 4 and 5 blocks tall.

Step 3: Almost Almost There...

Now on the opposite ends place the SNOT pieces and the 1X2s in between.

Step 4: Almost There...

Do the same thing on the next layer but on the other ends.

Step 5: Starting Detail

Now make four of these guys for the paneling detail.

Step 6: Front Doors

Now take one of the four paneling things and add this stuff for the front door detail.

Step 7: Corners

Now add the panels like so. Once you've done that, add the 7 tall corner stacks for the corners.

Step 8: Finishing the Bottom

Now add the vent pieces on the snot studs for the windows. Then add the smooth planks with the planks under them to start off the top.

Step 9: The Roof

Now assemble the roof. Put on the top, and voila, minifig-sized lego tardis! I am really proud of this thing, please follow me for more nerdy lego creations! Next up: full size lego portal gun Note: You are never too old for Legos! There should be nothing anyone can say to keep you from them!

Step 10: UPDATE

This product has been posted on Lego Ideas. To vote, click the link here.

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