Lego Technic Dune Buggy Prototype




Introduction: Lego Technic Dune Buggy Prototype

Hello, this instructable is for lego enthusiasts which require some experience; in other case, please do not get discouraged of finishing it. This build is mostly prototypical. It is from: lego technic dune buggy set, technic power motor, receiver, remote control, servo motor, and battery pack, also extra parts. Follow the illustration on this post and you should have the chassis. In the photo looks like it is finishhed but I have not shown every detail of the design(360 view ect.) Remember, this is a prototype that you can fix mod any discrepancies that you may observe. If you add the build either this design or tweaked to youtube or any other site similar, please do not state it as your design, just say: it is a prototype on instructable. Please be discrete, for I can not check every video just as it is on your conscience and it is just sad, at least in my opinion. You can make your own canopy how you please, and thank you for watching this instructable post. Have a great time.

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Step 1: Not Much of Step One, But Make Observation of Where It Should Be and With Logic.

This set of pictures are mostly the front side

Step 2: These Second Set of Pictures Are Continuations to Back Wheels and Center

Step 3: Next Pictures:

Step 4: This Is the Last Set of Pictures

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