Lego Technic RC Spin Car

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Intro: Lego Technic RC Spin Car

This is a Lego Technic RC car i made. It doesnt require that many pieces, but finding the right wheels might be a problem. Also, the Power Functions cost a bit by themselves.

Step 1: Parts List

there are 24 black pins

Step 2: Motors and Wheels

Step 3: Third Wheel

sorry the pics are backwards

Step 4: Putting It Together

Step 5: Wiring

you dont have to have the colored plates on, but they help you match the motor to the reciever and controller.

Step 6: Controls

pic 1. If you push both sticks foward, it will go forward. Opposite directions will turn it.

pic 2. If you push the red stick forward and the blue one back ot will go forward. Same direction will turn ot.

For both pics, the reverse can change the forward direction to the opposite end, with the same stick movements.

You are supposed to be looking at the black switches on the remote.



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    7 months ago

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