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Me and my cousin have modified the blue Lego Technic off-road truck (set number 8435), with Power Functions from the Bulldozer, now it can drive anywhere, remotely controlled!

It will easily trek across grass, and up a >35 degree slope.

It servived a flip over a 1m slope, and then carried on driving, with no wires/parts coming loose.

We were surprised at how much torque the Lego gears can take, with the right support, we tried many methods to increase the torque, without losing speed and grip, but this is the best attempt.

Note: Perhaps no instructable will be posted, because this is a very complicated build, and we would have to show you how to take certain parts on/off the original model. I'm sure these many pictures will help though, and inspire people to build thier own.

Good Points:
>Good Suspension.
>Powerful Motors.
>Good steering.
>Excellent Remote Control.
>Makes a Great Off Roader.
>Good torque.
>The body can be easily removed for internal cleaning/inspection.

Bad Points:
>Only Rear Wheel Drive.
>Steering Centering Is Not Too Good

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    6 years ago

    That is soooooo cool. I wish I had one


    A V2 has been made! It has a better gearbox, much stronger steering and it still has 2 seats! It will be posted soon...

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    wow this lego technic is great you could make some adjustments but other than that it is great.


    Aw, man, this is good, but I'll go over some finer points that I included in mine (I have just seen yours, I build my motorized 4WD two years ago) : I did not remove any aesthetic portion of the car, besides the engine, winch, and little bits in the back, the frame is completely removable , without having to disconnect any wires, and I don't have any power functions sticking out past the original confines of the set, besides the IR receiver in front. It also involves minimal change to the original model, so it retains its good looks ;) I suggest you take a look, and perhaps improve on your own! <-- here's mine.

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    Well done. Would like to see more of the train setup--the tracks in the background are quite a tease. Maybe a Lego train?

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