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Introduction: Lego the First Curse

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Look, I know it's been a while [again], but that's because I lost my phone. Yeah. But at least I'm back with a really cool gun, in my opinion.

The First Curse in Destiny is a sister to The Last Word, but it doesn't really live up to it. T Last Word is pretty good, but The First Curse is... Kind of bad. Still, I made this because it is one of the most sexy guns in Destiny I have ever seen.

Step 1: Size

If you think this gun is small, think again. Here, I'm comparing it to a gun I'm making, and it's just insanely large. Definitely a "Hand Cannon"

Step 2: Sights

This doesn't have iron sights, because in Destiny, the sights "float" on top of the gun.

Step 3: Magazine, Handle and Trigger

Not a lot of working features on this one. The magazine can't rotate out, because of stability issues. The trigger doesn't technically work, because of the limited space. The handle is also taped up. Without the tape, the gun would completely fall apart because of the weight on the front. At least the hammer works.

Step 4: Details

Just the 'deets.



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    2 years ago

    I'll probably be making a tutorial for it

    Dang! I wanted to know how to make that!