Lego Torch/Flashlight.




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This is something I made a while back to see how small I could make stuff.  It's a surprisingly bright little torch using two 1.8mm SuperBright White LEDs, all packed into a standard 2x6 lego brick (11x14x42mm). It is even still possible to use it as lego, as I discovered when parts of the lego car I was making recently started mysteriously lighting up. This isn't a full instructable as I don't have photos of the build, but if there's enough people asking about it I could probably make one.

EDIT: I have since updated this project to use a 4mm PTM switch, LR44 batteries and copper tape, which makes it a lot more reliable as it solves all the dodgy connection issues the old version had. Please comment or message any questions :)



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Are both LEDs facing the same way? What sort of battery di d you use? Can you post a picture of the bottom of the brick to show wiring?

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Good questions! The LEDs are both facing the same way, I used two of those watch batteries that fit just about into a lego block, and this Instructable has now been updated to include a picture of the inside of the block.