Lego Tricks and Tips Part 1

Hi readers,
This is my first instructables and I am going to share my tricks of building Lego which I had when I was a young Lego builder. I also found out that these discovery I had could not be done on LDD (Lego Digital Designer). Enjoy!


Step 1: When Your Lego Joints Are Broken...

As you can see the steps above, these can be used to gain much smoother movements, however the downside is that it cannot withstand heavier weights so it's more ideal for using it as arms rather than as legs. Note that this can only be used when there are two prongs.

Step 2: Mash Up Your Style!

picture 1 shows two types of Lego sets. To combine it, the pegs should be fitted in between the circles shown in picture 2 and 3.

Now you have two different types of Lego combined directly. Have fun and let me know if you have used these tricks to expand your creativity. Have a nice day!



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