Lego Trident



Step 1: Gather Pieces

Step 2: Trident Spikes

Take one black pole connect to middle of 1 by 3 piece

Step 3: Trident Spikes 2

Take smaller stick pieces attach half slanted pieces and and to bottom then attach cone looking pieces upside down to top of them then connect them to sides of 1 by 3

Step 4: Staff

Take other long pole and attach last cone piece to it at smaller end connect to 1 by 3

Step 5: Decor

Take the 1 by 1 pieces with dot on side and fangs attach to side dots then take 1 by one with hole through it and put studs on either side of hole attach fang pieces to bottom of 1 by 3 And take piece with studs and attach to bottom of pole

Step 6: End

Find mini fig to wield your mighty weapon and subscribe for more comment ideas and tips thnx!



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