Lego USB




Step 1: Materials

1. Hot Glue gun
2. Lego man (you can use 2 but for this I'm using one)
3. USB of any GB

Step 2: USB

Take apart the USB drive until u get down to the base of it! Be careful!

Step 3: Flip Over

Flip to this side

Step 4: LEGO

Find a lego mini-figure of your choice!!:)

Step 5: Hot Glue

Hot glue the man to the USB. If the USB has a light on it, I suggest that you glue the lego to
the opposite side.
Glue him so his feet face the device you're plugging the USB into. Make sure his legs can still move in case there is spacing problems!

If you have a clear lego brick (I do not) glue that to the side with a light on it! It will look sweet!


This is your finished product! It's really cheap and fun! You can make these for a fun gift for friends and family! ENJOY!



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    4 years ago

    You could also some how hollow out the mini figure, and glue the USB stick into it there. Then, if you had a small enough USB stick, you could use the feet as a cover. Really good instructible. :D