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Creating a case out of Lego to house a USB memory stick. This has been done before but I haven't seen it done like this :)

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Step 1: Creating the Case

Because my memory stick was quite large (in dimensions, not in storage capacity) I had to create a 6x3 Lego brick. I chopped a 4x2 and a 2x2 brick in half using a pen knife and another brick as a guide, the pliers on the same penknife were then used to remove the inner bits of the bricks and then the knife was used once again to remove the sides. Another 4x2 and a 2x2 brick were then used to create the case.

The four parts were stuck together using super glue and a steady hand.

Step 2: Installing the Stick

A groove was cut into the case to locate the USB connector and after a small amount of modification to the PCB the stick was installed.

Step 3: Securing the Stick

I stuck an offcut of one of the bricks at the bottom of the case as I found this made the stick sit at the right height. I then packed the whole thing full of clear silicone to made it stronger and reduce any movement from the stick.

Clear silicone was important as it still allows light to shine through.

Step 4: Stick It Together and Polish

I stuck a flat 6x2 and 6x1 brick to the top of the case to enclosed it all. Because of the amount of joins and glue lines some of the bricks weren't totally level so I used some fine wet and dry paper to level the edges up. Two different grades of metal polish were then used to make the edges smooth and shiny again.

Step 5: Finished

The finished product, the second image shows the original case for the memory stick and the final image shows the LED in action.

I was tempted to make an end cap, but it'd annoy me and I'd only loose it.

Have fun :)

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11 years ago on Introduction

Here's mine. Notice that one of the bricks is clear/red. That makes the little light on the USB drive visible. Thanks!

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I saw this, and though it was amazing. However, I think its a bit too bulky. I present my attempt- A six-stud blue brick with black base and a matching 2 stud cap (slides on and off perfectly!). A keyring is fitted, and a blue led shines as a stud at the rear. - I hope this gives inspiration to all of you wanting to try this build!

2 replies

9 years ago on Introduction

Thanks. I made one my self. It took a whole day... But it was worth it!
(Sorry the pictures seem worse quality than it is on my computer.)

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Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

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9 years ago on Introduction

 I made one also, just put a thin plate below it so it can still be used in lego buildings (even though it will probably never be used for that)

Images attached, sorry for the bad quality. They are made with my phone. 

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Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

 Forgot to say, the white bit in the cap is from my G19 keyboard. It fits nicely over the USB connection without damaging it (it's silicone/rubber like) and it stays in place. That's how the cap stays on without problems and no magnets or some kind of click system. 


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Depends on the cap really. If the cap clicks on the casing, it won't be much help. However, if the cap stays on by friction on the usb connector it will work (providing your cap is small enough to fit in the lego block of your choice)


11 years ago on Introduction

Here is my result :) Thanks for this Instructable!


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

Hey, Would you mind giving me a sort of "Mini Instructable" on how to make your version? I can't figure it out :(


Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

I used two 4X2 bricks and a 4X4 flat plate. I hollowed out the insides of the blue bricks. I also cut off some of the pegs that were sticking up on the bottom grey piece so the usb drive would sit just on top of the base. I cut off a layer from the bottoms of the two blue bricks so that when I put the blue ones on the grey one they were the standard lego height. I cut out a spot on the side to let the usb part stick out. I didn't have any silicon so i used hot glue instead. I just filled up the entire inside with hot glue, stuck the drive in and squished all the pieces together. I don't know if the hot glue is bad for the drive like some people have suggested. I only used this drive to store a few games on and rarely used it but it does still work. Also this usb drive is shaped weird, it came with the piece shown here which plugs into another piece with a standard looking plug. Also it has no lights so i didn't have to worry about making anything clear.


11 years ago on Introduction

Hello, I was inspired by this instructable and decided to make a Lego usb "BLOCK" :) The stick is a Sandisk 4 GB drive, and this model was like a retractable one, and IT FITS PERFECT inside of lego bricks, but I still had to throw some leather strips in so it didnt stay in the computer when I try to remove it ;-} 1.Here are the pieces I used, and also a pic of me modifying the piece... 2.Here are the finished pieces when chip is ready to use (NO GLUE OR CUT PIECES, all natural legos surrounding the drive) 3.Drive plugged in and lit up :) 4.Drive plugged in and lit up :) 5.My fav new lego creation (carrying precious cargo :) this brick is kinda big for a usb port, but it had to be that way because I just built with legos around the chip until it was coverd in legos... Indrog