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Although Lego builds may be fun to do and have a very satisfying result, they don't have much purpose in the real world other than winning competitions. However, due to the availability and ability of the Lego bricks, you are able to make some not only good looking, but useful creations.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, I really like your pencil holder! I think it would work better if you showed off each creation in one step each. Not all at the same time. Also it would be nice if you said what everything was. Some of the link words you could put would be: coaster, pencil, holder, and drawer. That would make your instructable visible to others.

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    Thanks Zachary! I have an upcoming sequel (if you could call it that) to this Instructable and I will take everything you have said into account. I really appreciate your feedback. =)