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I was able to find an EYESPY Spyder Cam(1) at Goodwill. Several hacks for it came to mind, but the simplest was attaching it to a remote control vehicle. I have an old Lego Radio Control Racer(2) that’s been gathering dust so I decided to use it for this project. It is a very simple build: make a mount on the RC car base for the Spyder Cam and then use the RC car remote to drive the racer while watching the live video feed on the Spyder Cam video screen.

The following video was shot using the Lego video car (WARNING: audio might be kinda LOUD since the Spyder Cam sits pretty close to the motors that drive the Lego RC car wheels and the Spyder Cam microphone picks up the motor noise from the racer).


Step 1: Build the Lego Video Car

Follow the pictures for a step-by-step build of the Lego Video Car.

Parts needed:

EYESPY Spydercam and video screen
Lego Radio Control Car and remote
1 Lego plate 6 x 8
1 Lego plate 1 x 2
1 Lego Technic beam 1 x 4
3 Lego Technic beam 1 x 6

Step 2: Lego Video Car Is Ready for Use

To use the Lego video car, switch on the Lego Racer base, switch on the Spyder Cam, switch on the Lego Racer remote control, switch on the video screen, and select "watch video" using the menu keys on the video screen. Use the remote control drive the Lego Racer while watching the live video feed from the Spyder Cam on the video screen.

The Spyder Cam is lightweight and has a spring-loaded clip so you can clip it on to any radio control vehicle that can carry its weight. If you can't find a place on the vehicle to clip it on, you can attach it with a rubber bad, zip tie, or Duck tape.



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    4 years ago

    I would make the camera a little taller.