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 I made a new ship yesterday. It's a durable little boat-that has a gun hidden in the bow! A great model for scares (hardly anyone can detect the gun first time they see it).

Also, the model is symmetrical,  so if you can't tell what one side looks like but you can tell what the other looks like, they are mirror images of each other.

Step 1: Base and First Layer

 Make sure you get the baseplates right or else the model won't fit together later.

Step 2: More Layers

 Continue putting more layers on the hull. The firing mechanism is also in this step.

Step 3: Some Little Details

 Some important parts that are easy to miss.

Step 4: Rubberband, Main Gun, and Front Rail

 Follow the pictures.

Step 5: Control Cabin

 This is the Tower that will make the ship look realistic.

Step 6: Back Deck

 Make the back end of the ship.

Step 7: Operation and Stats

 How to load, fire, and know just how much damage this thing delivers!

Step 8: New Developments

 I put it through the ultimate test: Will it float? It did! I'll post the pics as soon as I can.

Note: Water warfare not recommended. Range severely limited in water! (Would help if the firing chamber wasn't submerged, but what can you do?)



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