Lego Windmill

Introduction: Lego Windmill

This is a guide on how to build a windmill out of Legos without buying a Lego windmill kit.
It's a lot cheaper to make a make shift windmill out of stray (so to speak) Legos than to buy a whole kit to build one. This will be a basic windmill nothing too fancy, you could spice it up with special Legos your kids have laying around. The whole thing is made with practically only 2x4 lego blocks, the most common ones there are!

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Step 1: The Base!

Building the base of the windmill is pretty easy and there are hundreds of ways you could do it, you may even have a base that would work laying around built already! First I found the biggest lego base I could find and added more to the side of it. To make it sturdier I made sure to criss cross the legos when building the base to give it more stability.

Step 2: Making It Taller!

Next, we make the windmill taller and start narrowing it out some. We do this by making a box at first then adding to the box like a pyramid, if you check out the photo's below you can see what I mean. When your satisfied with the basic height, or when your ready to make your tower, cap the box off with a thin lego that covers it all as seen below.

Step 3: The Tower!

Time to make the windmill's tower. The easiest thing to do is make a cube of legos (all 2x4) and keep adding layers to it until you get your desired height. When it is the height you want make the top piece as seen below, its pretty straight forward. The hardest part is finding something that you can attach to the tower and allows the windmill to spin. It took me awhile to think of a way to do it since I didn't have the correct piece on hand but I found this piece that I thought I might be able to work and sure enough I rigged it so it did! The piece can be found below. I attached it to the tower's top.

Step 4: The Blades and Finishing Touchs!

Now to make the blades, and attach it to the windmill. I found a circle lego that I could attach to the piece I found that would let me rotate the blades. Then I found a few smaller circle legos and attached them to the larger one, I topped it off with a lego 2x2 block that I connected long rectangle legos to that gave it the appearance of blades. I put a lego missle cap, that I had found, over the blade's middle piece connecting them all and giving it more of a authentic look. And that's it! You made your own makeshift windmill!!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    i put a nxt motor in it and now when i crank another motor it spins =D