Lego Winter Soldier With Parts You Probably Already Have




This is basically a how to guide. If you don't like the results sorry I'm new at this.

Step 1: Pieces

Honestly I just tried to make the best I could so hears the parts you'll need to make a winter soldier look alike

Hawkeye Body

Hawkeye Legs

Hawkeye Head

Brown Hairpiece (Shown Above)

Lego Ninjago Cole Facemask (Shown Above)

Silver and Black Arm

Black and flesh color hand

Step 2: Assembly

Its pretty straight forward but If you want to make it look like him exactly his silver arm is on the left with the black hand and the black arm is on the right with the flesh colored hand.

Step 3: Finished

It should look like the image above. (This was a before pic I used a Nightwing here.)

If you want me to create anything feel free to put ideas in the comments!



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