Lego Wireless Mouse Receiver

Step 1: Tools

You will need the following items and tools to make the Lego wireless mouse receiver

- 1 x 2 Lego piece (or any piece could work
- Broken mouse receiver
- Dremel tool
- Super Glue
- Pliers (optional)

Step 2: Find a Lego Piece

I used a 1 x 2 Lego piece because it worked best but you could use any pice you have

Step 3: Measure & Cut

Measure the Receiver next to the Lego and make the marks then cut on the inside of the lines. I use a sanding attachment to take off some of the burs.

Step 4: Glue

Super Glue the receiver into the Lego. I'd use a pliers to hold the receiver to the Lego and add pressure.

Step 5: Build!

You can leave it as is, or connect it to other Legos!

Thanks for looking at this project. This is my first one and I think I will be doing more!




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    3 years ago

    Really cool! I love all things lego!