Lego Working Soda Machine!




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Intro: Lego Working Soda Machine!

Hi today I will show how to make a Soda machine that works!

Step 1: Money and Soda Bottle!

First get some Cash and make a soda bottle to sell!

Step 2: First Layer!

Now start to build your First layer of the Soda Machine

Step 3: Second Layer!

Next up the second layer of the Soda Machine (Or you could call it a Soda Dispenser!)

Step 4: The Mechanism

It might not look like a Mechanism but trust me it is!

Step 5: Last Steps!

To make the soda sticker I used a sticker printer, but this is optional!

Step 6: Finished!!

Now your done, to reload the soda machine place the soda in the hole at the top. Hope you enjoy!



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