Lego Xbox 360 Headset Blocker

Introduction: Lego Xbox 360 Headset Blocker

Hello, my name is xAwesomepantsx and I am going to show you how to make a thing I call....

"The Lego Headset Blocker"

"What does a Lego head-thing even do?" You might be asking

Well, it allows you to quickly disable chat (very useful if you use kinect) and is customizable with lego pieces.

You can also make this for your headphone port on your iPhone or anything that has a headphone port to add a little bit of lego to your gadgets.


Lego head

Broken mic or 2.5 mm audio male jack

(broken headphones or 3.5 for iPhone)


Small Philips screwdriver (if you are using a broken mic)

Something to break the plastic around the jack

Wire cutters

Soldering iron (optional)

Hot-glue gun


This is my first intructable so it might not be top quality.

Hot glue and soldering irons can burn you if you are not careful and I am in no way responsible if you get burned or hurt during this tutorial.
So please, be careful and if you are a kid have an adult help you.

Step 1: Open the Adapter

First unscrew the two screws on the bottom of the mic adapter and open it up.(If you have a 2.5 mm jack and not a mic skip this step)

Step 2: Harvest the Jack

Use your wire cutters and cut the red, black, and yellow cords or, de-solder them from the jack.

Step 3: Prepare the Jack

Once you have the wires disconnected. Break off the two things hanging on the side and break away as much plastic from the jack as you can.

Remember, it needs to fit in the lego head

Step 4: Attaching the Jack

Fill the lego head with good amount of hot glue and set the jack in the center.

Make sure you have enough glue to keep the jack in the head, if there is a little bit of overflow it is fine.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Grab your tweezers and pull off any stray glue.

Step 6: Done!

Ta-da! Now you have a "Lego Headset Blocker" or iPhone accessory.


When the head has a helmet (such as the standard space helmet) and you want to take it out of your controller, you have to take the helmet off then take the head out. So if you want one hat, hair, ect. on your head, I would hot-glue it on.

I actually have not tested this out on third-party controllers or made one for iPhone, so if you guys use this for either of those please tell me how it works.

Thank you for reading this instructable:)

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    Cool idea but can you make like one for a usb port like a brick with data? Thanks.