Lego Zip Line!



About: Hey this is MEB and OJB, (a brother and sister.) We will do a lot of instructables on crafts and drawing and such, but occasionally we might post something we drew that we aren't going to do an instruct able...

Hey OJB here. I'm gonna teach you how to make a Lego Zip Line!

Step 1: Materials

1. Minifigure


3.duct tape

Step 2: Zip Line

You will need these pieces to build your zip line

Step 3: Building

Get you two pieces with holes and you little black thing. Put them together so the black thing is holding them together

Step 4: Building

Get your wheels and little gray things an put them together then snap them into the thing you just made

Step 5: Building

Now get you big thing and put it on

Step 6: Yarn

Get your yarn and duct tape and tape some yarn to a high place and a low place

Step 7: Attaching

Now put the yarn in the grooves of the wheels and let it fly!



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