Lego Zombie

I took a 8'x4' sheet of card board (not pictured)  and a 4'x6' sheet of 2 inch foam insulation and made a lego zombie. 
I started with the head.  I cut out circles for the head, then stacked them on top of each other, figured out where i needed to glue in a bicycle helmet and then layerd the rest on top.  I hot glued all the circles together and then sanded them down to be smooth and rounded off the edges. I then figured out where i would need to cut out a spot so that i could see(fortunatley it was right at the mouth) and then put window screen over the hole.  I then cut out the eyes and place a sheet of paper over the eys so that they would glow. I put a thin layer of drywall joint compound on the head so that the spray paint wouldn't eat away the foam. I then spray painted it.  I followed that up with paint for the fleshless mouth.  I then cut the body out of the cardboard.  I decided that i needed some dimension to the chest and heart so i cut out a section and then made ribs, heart and spine.  I then made the legs and hands, cut out sleeves for the arms and painted the entire thing.  I then slathered the costume with stage blood and viola, Lego Zombie. The pictures of the finished product are after the night i wore it out, the head got knocked around a good bit and took some damage which is why there are several chips in the head and you can see the seam in the middle.  I would reccomend that you tape the seams and then put on the joint compound which will hold together better.



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    3 years ago

    im not a big fan of zombies. BUT A FAN OF LEGO'S!!!!!!