Lego Catapult

Introduction: Lego Catapult

This is just a small catapult to annoy siblings. Look at the pictures for instructions. Build a base if you want to or just hold it and fire. Also, just use anything small and cup like for a bowl and duct tape it on the post. Thank you and let me know if the instructions are confusing. I think you can go by the pictures. To fire, stretch the 3 rubberbands from behind the head(could be a dixie cup cut in half etc.) to the plate in the front. Then load the head, pull back, and let fly!
1. Take 2 1x10 posts and 2 1x12 posts. Place 1 1x10 post on a 1x12 post as shown in the picture, and do the same for the other two.
2. Take a blue plus sign connector and insert a long beam, with the ammo cup attached with duct tape. On the other side, insert the shortest plus sign beam. This is to stop the arm at a certain point. Insert a three hole circle connector through the blue plus sign connector and insert both ends into the 3rd hole from the end of the 1x10 beam as shown in the picture.
3. Push a beam through the 6th hole from the 1x12 beam at the back of the catapult. Make sure it is long enough to be secured on both sides. This is to stop the arm from going too far forward.
4. Place a 2x3 plate across the front and top of the 1x10 beams. Four top circles back, not including the 2x3 plate, place a 1x2 plate on both 1x10 beams(top circle means the little circles on the top of a post that plates are pushed onto). Stretching between those two plates, place 1x6 plates on both 1x10 beams. Connect a plate under the 2x3 plate which the rubber bands will be hooked on.
5. Stretch around 3 rubber bands from behind the launch bowl, to the plate under the 2x3 plate.
Please tell me what you think. Thanks =)

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    Dougie B.
    Dougie B.

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Would have been easier to understand if you had taken it apart then took pics step by step as you were reassembling it. However, once I got it all put together, worked pretty well!