Lego Elevator Car




This is a small lego elevator car I designed to fit size 3 lego dogs.  I haven't created an efficient lift system for it but that should be coming soon!

Step 1: Parts Needed

parts u need

Step 2: Car Box

attach the two window ways like this:

Step 3: Car Stabilizer

attach at flat 4x2 lego to the top of the car connecting the two window ways

Step 4: Front Gate

see pics below

Step 5: Back Gate

see pics below

If you have any ideas/requests for me to build please comment.  Feedback is critical for me to build better things.  However, I only have 1000 legos at the very most and some things I am not going to take apart, so until further notice, some of the builds may be somewhat simpler than you thought.



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    Nice job! I remember as a kid I built a lego ski-lift car and hung it from some string in the yard. To bring it back up it was hooked to another line that was wound on a lego axle. I got lazy so I attached a motor and a 9v to it and laughed till I cried as I watched my lego men falling to their doom after it smashed into the tree it was hung from. Keep up the good work!