Lego "giant Steel" Hand Made


Introduction: Lego "giant Steel" Hand Made

It is necessary:

Steel 10/10; 15/10 hammer, lapidary, drill, welder. I worked curves and folding hand and hammer. There is no other machine has design.

The scale should be proportional to that of a real Lego, it's up to you which one you want!

here is wide 20/1.

I chose the gold mister.
For decoration, I used epoxy resin and glitter to recover the chrome effect.

It must point to assemble the sheet.
For body and limbs, use the 10/10 steel sheet, and the hat. For cane, use of round steel tube.

Not easy to go into detail to explain. I hope the photos will help.



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    thank you,

    It is a 750gsxes