Lego Headphones (working)




What did you make?

These are Lego headphones.  I made them out of Lego's and it works by having Apple headphones in the center.

How did you make it?

Once I got the design and materials it was a straight forward job. 

Where did you make it?

I made these at home for my personal use.  I have made these headphones alone and i was inspired to make them when seeing kids at my school wearing these headphones called beats. So I thought for a couple of days and i figured out you could make the same design with Lego's.

What did you learn?

Things that were difficult in the build was sizing the ear. What I would do and people that are reading this could do differently could be make a more comfortable headband.  The reason for making a more comfortable headband is that the Legos dig into your head after wearing them for a while.  I wasn't sure that the volume would be loud enough since the earbuds were not in your ear.  I was happy to find out that the volume was nice and loud.


- lots of Lego's

- something for a headband (I used and Lego tank track)

- glue (optional)

- headphones (any kind that do not sound proof like apple headphones)

Step 1: Ear Peices

 First you are going to have to make an ear peice. This is going to be done by making a round cup that will fit totally around your ear.(pic below of ring around ear)  

Step 2: Block

After you have done the ring around the ear, you will have to make a  block that will connect with the ring later on but it should be a block smaller. and make a hole in the middle for the headphones earbud.

Step 3: Wire

Now you can put in your headphones. Put the ear bud in the hole you made and pinch the wire with 2 Legos to keep it in.

Step 4: Attach Ear Ring to Block

After those steps put the ring and the block together. (if you need help look down at the pictures and duplicate the pic but if you need more help comment below and I will get back to you as soon as i can)

Then step back admire your work and make another ear piece identical to the one you just created.

Step 5: Headband

In this step you will need a variety of Legos and something to use as a headband. (I used a Lego tank track) I have added a bunch of photos from every direction to help you understand how it goes together. 

Step 6: Done

This step is optional if you want these headphones to be permanent  If you want the headphones permanent then you can super glue every piece together. But if you don't want it permanent then you can just not glue it all together.

After you have chosen to glue it or not you can sit back, turn on your favorite song and enjoy.



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    7 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The tank tread was a stroke of genius. Way to keep it all LEGO.


    4 years ago

    There not really lego headphones there just earbuds with Legos in them that cheap


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Epic idea! :D but sadly they don't look nearly as comfy as real headphones. 4/5 stars~ Why not repost it with some kind of felt or something where the ears go for comfort? or some kind of cheap fabric that the sound would go through

    1 reply

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    ya it would be lots more comfy if it had some kind of felt on it. thanks for the idea but it was only made with stuff i had in the house but thanks.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Great job! I was just wondering how loud the volume is since the ear buds don't actually go in your ear like normal. Is it loud enough?

    1 reply