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Introduction: Lego IPhone Dock

Title pretty much explains itself, here's an iPhone dock I made out of Lego. It's very simple and took me about a minute to build, but I'm just posting it here to maybe inspire others and see what better and more effective ideas they might come up with.

For the techy or photo geeks, all pictures were captured using a Canon Rebel XT with a Canon 50mm f/1.8 II prime lens. iPhone is the new Apple 3G, 8gig, Jailbroken using Quickpwn. Running Installer, Cydia, and Installous.

Any questions or comments are more than welcome. Have a good one.

P.S.- I'm fairly new to this site, I registered over a year ago but I just got back into using it, no idea why the image quality is being sacrificed so much upon upload, if you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem please let me know. Cheers.

Step 1: Pieces

Shown in the picture is all the pieces you should need.

Step 2: Base

Here I have the base pre-built, I apologize for anyone that...for some strange reason does not understand this step. Build it as shown, or use your own combination of colours and bricks.

Step 3: Base With Second Layer

Here I have added the second layer, please note the amount of space on each side to keep the cable as centered as possible. This part I found a bit of a bother - why can't Lego make some un-even numbered pieces?!

Shown is the picture of the base with the second layer, front and backside.

Step 4: Flush?

Be sure your cable is flush with the Lego at this point, if not...uhm... I have no idea where you could have possibly went wrong. Hahaha.

Step 5:

This part is pretty important, the iPod connector is going to push against the side you DONT want it pushing against, for hardcore dock builders you could easily just hot glue it in there, but I don't plan on keeping this simple little thing for long so I just jammed some paper in there to help push it away from the front side. This is probably the only some-what...maybe...confusing part of the entire build.

Step 6: Back Support

Here I have added one layer of thin white pieces around the base to support the back of the phone and then added 2 corner pieces on either side...just because I liked how it looked. :)

Note: the paper was not put in on this step, don't get confused yet....

Step 7: Edge

Put down a flat black piece to seal the deal and we're finished.

Step 8: Stability a Problem?

Since this was such a make-shift project and I did it so fast my iPhones far too off balance to stand alone with the base. (Ironic, I know.) so I put in two flat gray pieces on either side. Shabammmm.

Step 9: Finished!

Thanks for looking.

Please note this is not supposed to be some super-ultra-technical build, I just want to practice making these 'instructables' with some silly little Lego and K'nex projects. Eventually I will start uploading more intense projects with more intense instructions, until then - enjoy!



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    Could you post a specific list of the pieces you used? I'm having a hard time telling if certain ones are flat or not.

    1 reply

    the ones with the shadows are bricks, and everything without one is a flat piece or plate as they are called

    I do not recommend. This pinched my phone cord so bad. ? If you want to charge your phone with it.

    Thanks, although I had to make a few modifications due to my rubber case.

    Its ok.. But not really that special.

    are you kiding it was a very good instuctabl ant the focuc of the images if you mean that the problem is that most of the pkotos in others instuctables are not better

    You just saved me $29. Thanks, great Instructable.

    While some people might think this a great instructable, I honestly this was more of an "here's what I did, figure it out yourself" post. Don't get me wrong, the finished product works, and makes sense, but stuff like "for some strange reason doesn't understand this step" discourages me from actually attempting this. Your second step has a picture of a half finished product, and the first page has components, but no list of pieces, or even a full pic of all of them. Just 22 pieces and a partly built base. Where are the grey pegs you wrap the cable around? what about the bricks with the holes in them to put the pegs into? Keep up the building, but next time, put a little more effort into your submission, or people won't take it seriously.

    Very nice build! I featured it on <a rel="nofollow" href="">The Daily Hack</a>.<br/>

    Awesome! I've been thinking of doing the same, as I have a snap-on shell to protect the back of the phone and am annoyed at having to remove it every night to charge in the genuine dock. I'm hoping a minor modification to this design will let me create a slightly bigger gap to hold the phone with the cover attached.