Lego IPhone (and Smartphone) Stand, Docking Available *UPDATED*




Introduction: Lego IPhone (and Smartphone) Stand, Docking Available *UPDATED*

Hi, I wanted to bulid a lego iPhone stand which is able to hold the phone in vertical position. Here it goes. I made it in Lego digital designer, because i didn't want to get mine into pieces.

This is my first instructable, hope you'll like it.

I checked that all parts cost a total of 1,3$ if you order it from

Step 1: The Parts

So, here are the parts on the picture, namely:

The colours really doesn't matter, these were the ones I found at home.

Technic 5M Beam (Yellow) - 4 pcs
Technic Angle Beam 4x2 90° (Black) - 2pcs
Technic Angle Beam 4x2 90° (Yellow) - 4pcs
Technic 15M Beam (Black) - 1pc
Technic Double Angular Beam 3x7 45° (Yellow) - 2 pcs
Technic Lever 3M (Yellow) - 2 pcs
1/2 Bush (Grey) - 6pcs (on the pic there's only 4, sorry about that)
Bush For Cross Axle (Grey) - 7 pcs
Connector Peg W. Friction (Black) - 6 pcs
Connector Peg W. Friction 3M (Black) - 4 pcs
Connector Peg/ Cross Axle (Grey) - 4 pcs
Catch W Cross Hole (Grey) - 4 pcs
Cross Block 90° (Grey) - 2 pcs
Angle Element 0° (Black) - 2 pcs
Angle Element 90° (Black) - 2 pcs
Cross Axle Extension  - M/3 Ribs (Grey) - 2 pcs
Cross Axle 3M (Black) - 4 pcs
Cross Axle 5M (Black) - 5 pcs (if you have 1 more, then you'll just need 2 8M axle)
Cross Axle 8M (Black) - 3 pcs
Cross Axle 10M (Black) - 1 pc
Technic Cross Block 2x1 (Black) - 2 pcs
Technic Cross Block 2x1 (Yellow) - 2pcs


If you don't want to connect the cable to your iphone on the stand, or got the charging hole somwhere else on your phone, the whole complex part is optional. It means that the stand may be slightly less stable but also, you would need much less parts.

Here are the parts you need in that case:

Technic 5M Beam (Yellow) - 2 pcs
Technic Angle Beam 4x2 90° (Black) - 2pcs
Technic 15M Beam (Black) - 1pc
Technic Double Angular Beam 3x7 45° (Yellow) - 2 pcs
Technic Lever 3M (Yellow) - 2 pcs
1/2 Bush (Grey) - 2 pcs
Bush For Cross Axle (Grey) - 5 pcs
Connector Peg W. Friction 3M (Black) - 4 pcs
Catch W Cross Hole (Grey) - 4 pcs
Cross Block 90° (Grey) - 2 pcs
Angle Element 0° (Black) - 2 pcs
Angle Element 90° (Black) - 2 pcs
Cross Axle 3M (Black) - 3 pcs
Cross Axle 5M (Black) - 5 pcs
Cross Axle 10M (Black) - 1 pc

With these parts, it costs 0,88$ on

And don't forget, if you use only these parts, to skip step 4!

Step 2: Let's Start!

First, You should get the 15M beam, and cross it with a 5M axle in the 5th hole from the top, then the 2 3M lever comes. After them, you should place 2 5M beams either side of the axle and end it with a half bush. To the middle of the 5M beam, comes an 8M axle with 2 bushes. To the end of the axle, comes one-one cross block, and a 3M connector. To the top of the connectors, come the angle elements 0°, and an axle cross comes under the yellow beams. ( There's space on the 8M axle, to set the width of the phone you have, and of course it's different if you want to use it with or without a case.)

Step 3: The Support on the Back

This is a pretty simple step, just put on 2 bushes on the axle, get the 2 doulbe angular elements to the end of it, and put another 5M axle to the bottom of the yellow element. That simple is it. :)

Step 4: The Most Complex Part

Okay, these pictures won't be the best, but I hope you'll get it. If not, just ask.
So, get an 8M axle and cross the 15M beam with it under where the support does. (If you have plus one 5M axle, then I suggest to use that, I didn't have more.) Then put 2 bushes on it, and 2 angle beam with the cross hole. Then cross the angle beam's 2 hole side with 1-1 8M axle in both holes, and get 1-1 5M beams to each side. After these steps end the 8M axles with 4 half bushes and get 2 connectors (both side) to the 5M beam, like the picture shows. (Middle to the outside and bottom to the inside.) Now get those cross blocks and put 1-1 connector into them, like the picture shows. Connect the empty hole to the 5M beam from the outside. If you're ready, get 2 more angle beams, and 2 connectors with axle on one side. Connect the angle beams to the cross blocks int he 3rd hole, and get the connectors next to the other connectors to the inside. Now get the other 2 cross blocks, and connect it to the connectors you can. Almost ready, get 2 connectors with axle part, and put them in the holes of the L-shape beam. Here comes the last step, although I made a mistake before.. So you should down one of the L-shape beams, to be able to put the 2 extension, and the 3M axle between them. 

If you're ready, rotate back the part! It's really important.

Step 5: The Last Part

You're really close to the end of the stand. 
So get one L-shape beam, and a 3M axle, and 2 3M connectors. Connect the L-shape beam, to the 15M beam. Then get the other L-shape beam and connect that too. Cross the beams with 2 5M axles, and put the last bush between the L-s. Put all 4 catch cross holes to the ends of the axles. Put 2 3M axles into the catch cross holes. And finally put the 2 angle elements on the axles.

Step 6: Ready!

Now you have a customizable phone stand where you can charge your iPhone, and get access to all buttons. Don't forget to set the width and enjoy. 

Sorry for the bad quality pictures, I couldn't take photos of my phone with my phone. :)



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    Fantastic idea, and very well explained, although this does now mean that I have to spend the next 3 hours digging through my lego looking for the right parts :)

    4 replies

    Took about 5 hours to find the parts I wanted then about half an hour to put together. Substituted a few pieces for various reasons.

    Adams phone holder 1.jpgAdams phone holder 7.jpgAdams phone holder 6.jpgAdams phone holder 4.jpg

    Wow, looks pretty great! :) I see the reasons of the substitutions, I like them :) Also see, that you had to get a longer axle because of the width of your phone, nice assembly!

    I don't know why you can't download it, for me it works, but you can make it without downloading the pdf. :)