Lego Laser Pointer

first of all I'm Hungarian so sorry for the mistakes. If you want to play whit  your cat ,you can use this. Its easy so you can make this really fast ( i made it in an half an hour) its price was low exactly 1650 Hungarian fornits ( 9  USD). in the next step I only wirte "some Lego block" because  it may vary.

Step 1: Get the Materials

the materials
-some Lego blocks  
-laser module
-battery case whit two AA batteries
-plastic tube (short) 

Step 2: Curcuit

grab the negative pole and place it to the spring fix it correctly. insert the positive to tho gold coloured something (its marked on the picture) 

Step 3: Place the Curcuit to the Lego Case

grab the Lego blocks and build a case that enough wide,tall etc. important! the circuit can be placed in the case 

Step 4: Cover and Make the Press Switch



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