Lego Mech Suit




you can put a Lego guy in it and play or display it and vote for me

Step 1: Pieces

I will be building this from the ground up step-by-step it will be a lot of pictures. I will be showing you what pieces you need for that body part. with a picture have any morel blabbing us get started.

Step 2: Legs

each other legs he's probably the most movable part of the body

Step 3: Legs Step Start to Finish

As follow all the pictures step-by-step and soon you will be done with The legs

Step 4: Arms

just like with the legs I will be taking pictures and you will follow them

Step 5: Arms Start to Finish

Step 6: Cab and Body Start to Finish

just follow the steps like last time end you are done hope you like to comment and follow me



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    5 years ago

    That's a pretty cool-looking mech. Good job!

    The only real critique I have is that the cab is a bit boxy. Rather than flat, I would either slant the glass down (for a more sleek, military look) or up (for a more industrial look).