Lego Minifigures Stand



For a while now, I've been wanting to display my collection of Lego minifigures in a better way than just putting them on the window sill and so I have tried to come up with an easy-to-make stand for the beginner (which is definitely where I classify myself)! This is just my own first design and obviously it can be amended and improved upon. It doesn't require a great deal in terms of equipment and shouldn't cost the earth to create.

Tools and Equipment
Balsa wood
Plastic (optional)
Acryllic paint
White spirit

Step 1: Oasis

Firstly, buy a block of Oasis (the substance that flower arrangers use) and by measuring and cutting, manufacture 3 (or more) steps.  (Oasis is not expensive at all and it does a good job in shoring up the construction and allows the bases of the figures to be pressed into it, giving more stability.)  The steps that are to be cut have to be wide enough for the base of the figure to stand upright and tall enough so that the figures above can be seen clearly and not covered by those standing on steps below.

Step 2: Sanding

Sanding the Oasis gives a curvature to the steps and removes any loose bits from the body of the steps.  I advise doing this outside and not sanding too much as it can disintegrate pretty quickly!

Step 3: Balsa Wood

Adding balsa wood is the next step.  Cut and glue the balsa wood to the sides, back, bottom and front - this gives it a certain structure and strength, plus is a lot easier to paint and varnish.  Trim down where required and sand again if necessary.

Step 4: Adding a Plastic Back

A nice touch is to add a plastic back to the stand. This can be slid behind the balsa wood at the back or glued into place instead of the wood.  This is by no means necessary though but just makes it look a bit nicer.

Step 5: Painting

Next comes painting and it is down to the individual to paint it in whichever colours they wish.  I've gone for a simple glossy black but this part of the process lends itself well to experimentation with design.  Paint all of the wood, avoid the Oasis, in 2 coats. I chose acryllic paint but most will do a decent enough job.

Step 6: Varnish

Now the fun part! Varnish the wood with 3 or 4 coats and watch it transform!  This gives extra firmness to the balsa wood as well as making it shinier and more pleasant to look at and touch.

Step 7: Finally...

Place the Lego minifigures on the various steps and your stand is complete"  I hope this guide has been of some use and has inspired you to create even better ones!



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