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Introduction: Lego Portal Gun/ASHPD

About: I have been playing with real legos since I was 3 (back then Duplos were hard to get.) Every time I see something, I think, how would that look Lego? And every time I see something Lego, I think, How could I...

Sorry I haven't made a instructable in a few months, I just have had my hands full, (as you can tell by how complicated this project was and the fact that I have a life.)

Portal 2 is one of the greatest video-games of all time, but you probably already know that. So I decided to make my very own ASHPD without giving $130 to the money black-hole that is ThinkGeek and valve merchandise. In this I'll give a basic layout in the hopes that you can make one that's like mine but more like the ZaziNombies version. (if you haven't seen his Lego creations before check him out on YouTube.)

Step 1: The Body/hand Unit

I must admit, this is the part of the gun I am least proud of. If you want to make one then I suggest you buy lots of white bricks. I just kind of took the actual gun's general shape and sadly, *Poorly* made it out of white panels and bricks.

Step 2: The Stock/"black-hole Containment Unit"

After going through three reiterations of the gun, this is the one part that practically stayed the same. I used a blue jet nose piece for the top then built under it with blue and black. For the grip part, I used parts that you would also see on a jet plane set, but white. I this is a great example of the use of S.N.O.T. pieces on a model.

Step 3: The Barrel

I must admit, this part is slightly fragile. I used Bionicle (which I believe is returning to shelves, *giggles like little girl*) arms for the claws of the barrel. I used four of the spike wheels for the barrel itself, which then use o's to connect to the rest of the gun. The end is, ironically enough, the half of the black-hole staff from the main bad guy of hero factory generation 1.

Step 4: Next Time...

I think I should probably make the stock better next time. Like the saber-tooth from Ice-Age said, "Who's up for round TWO?" (or four in my case.) Thank you. Don't forget to like follow, comment, BA, etc... etc...

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Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Despite how small your stock was it still looked cooler and had a better shape though.


Reply 7 weeks ago

Wtf, why are you so hard on yourself? That's my job.
Besides, the design is better than you think it is.