Lego Puzzle Box No. 1 'First' (And Other Boxes!)




About: Hey! I am a designer of unique, wonderful, and complex Lego puzzle boxes with real storage compartments, and I have several unique K'nex gun concepts that I'm working on. I also play Kendama A LOT :)

Hello! After a long hiatus from Instructables, I am back! I have a bunch of puzzle boxes I have made, and I plan on posting instructions for all of them. I would love to know which one I should post next! Above are all the currently working and built boxes I have that I have not posted yet, except First.

Here is an overview of the boxes, including instructions that have been made.

Difficulty of the boxes: (1) to (10)
Storage in the boxes: [1] to [5]

First: 3 moves, [2], (2)

Yellow: about 3 moves, [3.5], (8.5)

Instructions and more for Yellow

Diamonds: about 3 moves, [3] (3.5)

Instructions and more for Diamonds

Block, about 10 moves, [3], (9)

Instructions and more for Block

Twins, about 8 moves, [4], (6.5)

Instructions and more for Twins

***(All the box stats are estimated)***

My favorites are Twins, Block, and Yellow.

Step 1: Videos

Here are videos about opening and closing the boxes.

Step 2: Better Pictures of First

This is my first puzzle box. I disassembled this one a while ago, so clear instructions cannot be made. This is the box I posted a while ago, but with 'censored' pictures. I feel that the box is simple enough to be made just by looking at these pictures, but if needed, I -could- rebuild it and make more detailed instructions.



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    2 years ago

    Puzzle box "Twins" is simply amazing! Wow!


    3 years ago on Introduction

    I'm going to make instructions for the fancy rectangle box.