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Here is how to setup a quick and simple Lego spy robot.

you will need:
wireless camera and its receiver
Lego NXT robot
NXT as remote
- ( You can use a smartphone or computer bluetooth application or program the robot to run a predefined pattern)
Laptop for display, requires av to usb converter
-( You can use any other display such as portable DVD players, TV sets and so on)

Step 1: The Robot (Chassis)

The chassis is about as simple as it gets for a reliable Lego NXT  robot.

Basically just slap the treads and hubs on the motor, and join 2 of them together

Step 2: The Robot (Controller)

Very simple, just connect at indicated location and pivot into desired position

Step 3: The Robot (Camera)

Now, to mount the camera. There is no real cookie cutter way to build a mount for the camera since most cameras are different. Here I built a cage for the camera and fixed the cage to a motor so i can look up and down

Since my camera runs off a 9volt battery I made a simple basket to hold it beside the NXT controller.

Now just wire it all up, i used port A for the left drive motor, port B for the camera motor and port C for the right drive motor. I will attach my program in the next step

Step 4: Run It!

You are done! Go drive it around your house and use responsibly (respect other's privacy).

I have also attached the NXT-G program I used to control the Robot. It is a very straightforward and simple program but very effective and responsive.

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I can't seem to attach the programs here, I'll try and ask around. In the mean time, if you want/need the programs do let me know, i wil happily send it to you



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